Photo of U2's Larry Mullen, Jr. smiling
Yes, today—March 20, 2015—is International Day of Happiness! Now, before you head off and do something super obvious like spin a certain Pharrell song that will remain nameless, please just stop, take a deep breath, massage your smiley muscles in preparation for this special day, and put on some U2. […]

U2 Playlist For International Day Of Happiness 2015

Still image of U2 taken from their "New Year's Day" music video
Question: What do these events share in common? Discovery of DNA Standoff in Waco, TX Still-unsolved assassination U2 declares War Answer: All are featured in an Associated Press video titled, “Today in History: February 28.” The voice over intones at the 1 minute 4 second mark of the 1 minute 28 second […]

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